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their partnership with martha stewart. there are high stakes for everyone involved. so terrell brown is here with the story. >> attorneys for macy's and jv penny faced off in a courtroom, all for rights to sell merchandise endorsed by one of the world's most recognizable homemakers. attorneys for macy's and jcpenneys had closing arguments. all over their partnerships with media mogul martha stewart. the suit alleges that martha stewart living omnimedia breached at exclusive 2006 contract with macy's when it inked a separate merchandising deal with jcpenney three years later. mark epstein, who represented jcpenney, said the entire case came down to a poorly written contract. but macy's attorney argued the deal's intention was to harm macy's. at stake is the right to sell martha stewart branded products like bedding and cook wear at jcpenney stores. something stewart has been eager to do after her parent company endured its fifth straight year of financial losses. >> martha stewart wants to rapidly expand its retail brand in order to make up for losses in its media
. there is a new and mysterious security concern. here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. >> reporter: the threat is credible and serious. a senior u.s. official telling abc news, there is a "specific against a u.s. embassy or consulate, we just don't know what the specific target is." another u.s. official adding, "there could be other targets, not just embassies." beginning sunday, some of our biggest embassies will be closing. including egypt, iraq and kuwait. there has not been a mass closing of embassies and consulates due to an intelligence threat since the first anniversary of 9/11. normally an ambassador would make the determination, but this time it is washington ordering the embassies to close down. and while the closures right now are just for sunday, they could be extended for several days as u.s. intelligence works vigorously to get more specifics. diane? >> story still unfolding, thank you, martha raddatz. >>> also from overseas tonight guess who is leaving the airport? edward snowden who leaked government secrets walked out after 38 days in exile in the mos
to department of public works and martha the head of landscape and architect. all work that you see has come to a reality today. and all the merchants in the area, again, the port wants to thank them as well for all of their efforts understanding the project and working together and coming to agreement, not coming to agreement on everything but then deciding to go forward to make this project happen. thank you. >> almost there. so this project would not have been possible without the hard work of many of our partners. you have heard many of their names. from the mta i see jerry roberts. from city planning we heard from david and neale. they have been a big part of it, from d p w, john thomas, our manager. a big hand for john, please. the design team arlene, david flores and wong. the construction team that actually was here and delivered the project on time lee and flip e. they got us to the finish line. i know a lot of you have heard about neale, neale really was very instrumental in making sure that we did the right outreach, putting together the project and the conceptual design and makin
consulate around the world will be closed sunday because of security concerns. martha has the latest. >> threat is credible and serious. senior u.s. official telling abc news there is a specific threat. concerted effort against u.s. embassy or consulate we just didn't know what the specific target is. another u.s. official adding there could be other targets not just embassy. beginning sunday some of our biggest embassy will be closing. including egypt. iraq. kuwait. there has not been a mass closing of embassy and consulate due to intelligence threat sense the first anniversary of 9/11. normally an ambassador would make the determination but this time it is washington ordering the embassies to close down. martha, abc news washington. >> there is anger in chile tonight. 3 years after those minor -- minders were rescued no charges will be given to opposite of the mean or mining regulator. 33 miners trapped for two months underground. they called the decision a disgrace to the country justice system. the cave inbrought the mine safety record in focus and put chile top indus
global affairs correspondent martha raddatz joins us now with more from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this morning, the u.s. intelligence community is doing everything possible to try and find out exactly what the target is, but the state department is not taking any chances. shutting down embassies across the muslim world. the concern is so great, the threat so specific, that some of america's biggest and most important embassies in the world are closing their doors. from egypt, to iraq, kuwait, bahrain, and afghanistan. every embassy and consulate in muslim countries will be closed on sunday. a senior u.s. official telling abc news, there is a specific threat, a concerted effort against a u.s. embassy or consulate. we just don't know what the specific target is. another u.s. official adding, there could be other targets, not just embassies. we just aren't sure. not since the first anniversary of 9/11 has there been a mass closing of embassies, due to an intelligence threat. >> the department has been apprised of information that out of an abundance
in alabama. congressman, freshman congressman martha roby -- she was elected in 2010, i should say. at a tea party gathering but this was unrelated to the tea party. a man gets up and really goes after president obama and this is what happened. >> what i need from you is to know what you can do, you and your fellow non-communist colleagues in the lower house, what you can do to stop these communist tyrannical executive orders laid down by this foreign born american hating communist desp despot? what can you do? we need to know. >> so, thank you for your question. he said it loud enough that you all heard it. look. i can't em. did can't emphasize the oversight part of my job enough. i think that's what's gets lost every day because that's exactly what we're doing, we're chasing down these executives orders, we're chasing down these rules that are promulgated that are back door legislation that agencies, whether it is the epa, the irs, go down the list. >> well, she didn't repeat it or agree with it but she did not challenge it. i should read before we go off on this, read the official respons
pelosi to give him a good speaking spot at the convention. >> i like martha quinn. she's cute. >> stephanie: that's a different quinn. >> new yorkers will forgive a sinner, but they won't forgive a serial bs artist. >> stephanie: yeah. speaking of serial bs artists, for some reason yesterday watching the aerial castro thing. i don't remember somebody getting to talk that much. didn't you just want him to shut up. >> it was awful. it was so self indulgent. it was like a chris christie convention speech. and talk about his love of jesus. i don't know what kind of leniency he was hoping for. >> stephanie: that's the other question i have. is that a good idea to have him say all of this stuff -- >> he has already been convicted. >> stephanie: i know, but what was the point -- >> they are always allowed to do it. at sentencing they give the guilty party a chance to speak and apologize to the family. >> stephanie: right. but that's what i mean -- if you are going to do this -- >> i'm sorry people were offended. >> stephanie: yeah, he pled guilty to 937 counts against hymn, which by
for americans traveling overskpaez our martha raddis will be leading our coverage tonight. and also, coming up our persons of the week. it's oprah winfrey herself and forest whitaker and a conversation together a personal one about race, and family, and change in america. and its all after abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> washington state fish and wildlife department has hired )  officer whose job sit to protect puget sound orca population. the orca officer will patrol and make sure whale watching tours keep a safe distance. the population of 85 orcas have been listed as endangered. >> checking healthy living news fda will require a warning on bottles of the popular pain reliever saying the drug may cause skin reactions in people. it is found in numerous prescription and over the counter products designed to treat pain and reduce fever such as tylenol a cording to fda skin reactions are rare but could be deadly. s fda stepping in to make sure food was the gluten-free label live up to their claims. a new rule goes into affect today requiring companies to ensure their products contain less than 20 parts
court ruling that overturned the defense of marriage act. >>> the fight over martha stewart coming to an end in a new york courtroom. retail giants macy's and jc penneys have been fighting for months over the exclusive sift of her merchandise. the judge is expected to rule as early as next week. >>> casey anthony officially owns her life story part of an agreement with her bankruptcy estate. how much is her life story worth? try $25,000. what still is not known now is while filing for bankruptcy, how she can scrape together $25,000. >>> the new york yankees, alex rodriguez, getting ready to take the field tonight in new jersey for a minor league team, part of his rehab but major league baseball could bench him instead, possibly for good and it could come as early as today for his connection to performance enhancing drugs. rachel has more. >> reporter: alex rodriguez is in the middle of a delicate dance with major league baseball. as the yankee third baseman's career hangs in the balance, baseball fans are left waiting and waiting and waiting. so what's the holdup? baseball is givin
and image." next week martha washington to an mrs. van buren. starting at 9:00 eastern on c-span. >>> coming up tonight on c-span2. a senate foreign relations hearing that looks at way to improve security at u.s. embassy overseas. and governors from as cro the country meet in milwaukee for the official national governor association summer meeting. >>> today the state department issued world wide travel alert focused on regions in the middle east and north africa after the department received information that al qaeda could be planning attacks throughout the month of august. as precaution they announce they would be closing as many as 21 embassy and consulate in countries such as iran, egypt, libya, afghanistan, and yemen effected sunday. it remains
, at a town hall meeting in alabama the other day, martha roby was confronted by an angry tea party constituent who spouted accusations about the president. her lack of response is notable here. here's the back and forth. >> what i need from you is to know what you can do, you and your fellow con communist colleagues in the lower house, what you can do to stop these communist tyrannical executive orders laid down by this foreign-born american-hating communist despot. what can you you do for me. >> we need to know. >> so thank you for your question. he said it loud enough that you all heard it. look, i can't emphasize the oversight part of my job enough. and i think that that gets lost in what we do every day because that's exactly what we're doing. we're chasing down these executive orders. we're chasing down these rules that are promulgated that are backdoor legislation by agencies whether it's the epa, the irs, go down the list. >> you know, sam, and david, i've been saying for weeks if not months the real leader of the republican party today is no way is it john boehner. the real
. >> we should note the congresswoman at that town hall, alabama's martha roby didn't respond to the questioner but her office did issue a statement, "she wasn't there to endorse anyone's views but rather to listen. this is a group that was targeted for their political beliefs by the irs only to have the president call it a phony scandal. you bet they are frustrated about this administration." but professor, is it really necessary to describe the president as an american-hating despot? >> yeah, exactly. or to say he's foreign born. that's where the representative missed her opportunity to distinguish herself as a leader. because if you're a follower, then you'll just follow the folk off a cliff. if you're a leader you stand tall and say we know this president was born in this nation. that's been asked and answered and unfortunately and unnecessarily vetted over and over again. we've got to move beyond those attacks to address thei ivssuest hand. >> professor, this nation is thriving in many ways. 7 million jobs created in the last 40 months, the stock market at record highs. h
't emphasize the oversight part of my job enough. >> republican congresswoman martha roby smiled and laughed at a voter describing the president as a, quote, foreign-born america-hating communist. where is the political courage? she laughed. actually, i don't find that funny. strange thing, though. maybe her father does. immediate judge joel dubini. he is the congresswoman's father. and two years ago, he ruled the president's health care law was undurable. i guess you can say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. the supreme court, of course, reversed that ruling. it's all part of the twisted right-wing mentality, the same far-right fringe we've seen in the halls of congress. >> i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. i don't know. but i do know this, that in his heart he's not an american. he's just not an american. >> all i can tell you is that the general consensus is that he has produced a birth certificate. the question is it legitimate? >> i mean, if someone asks to me my birth certificate, it's in doubt, here it is. >> he wasn't born here. he is a c
hemmer here in "america's newsroom." jaime: i'm jamie colby in for martha maccallum here today. that appears to be good news, right? digging deeper into the report it was one of the only good signs. americans are seeing hours and pay drop. that is not all. rick: stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stu, you hear numbers of jobs created, unemployment rate goes down, how is that a bad thing? >> 162,000 new jobs is disappointing. that is an understatement. that is quite dismal. if you dig even deeper into this full report you see some pretty shocking things. number one, 240,000 people dropped out of the workforce. they just quit trying. that is how the unemployment rate came down to 7.4%. a quarter of a million people dropped out. then we have part-time work up, by 174,000, to a record 28.2 million. there are 28 million people in america working part time. and that number is rising. it has never been higher. obamacare may have something to do with that. rick: stu, the labor participation rate. this is number about people who dropped out because it
. next week martha washington to angelica van buren. first ladies, weeknights all this month starting monday at 9 eastern on c-span. >> now, the farewell ceremony for outgoing fbi director robert mueller. he served 12 years in the position which he assumed one week before the attacks on 9/11. speakers at the ceremony include attorney general eric holder, former cia director george tenet, and tsa administrator john pistole. this is a little less than an hour. [background sounds] [background sounds] >> all right. could you remain standing while we have the presentation of the colors. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> halt! present colors! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> forward march! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [background sounds] [laughter] >> good morning, everybody, and welcome to thi celebration of the public service career of robert mueller iii whom i have been accused of dubbing bobby three sticks. there are far too many alumnis and dignitaries present for me to point out by name, but you will have the opportunity to talk to old friends after this on fifth floor. but there's one person with us today whom i am c
trip up to martha's vineyard. he wanted to check out the house maybe before he brings the family up and the dog. >> that's not a bad idea. do a little recon. when you're the president, do you think that stuff. >> i have a feeling today is a golf day. >> bill: he wouldn't play golf on a work day. >> it is friday. >> friday is still a work day. >> bill: it is still a work day, right. although around this town -- but i tell you what, maybe he ought to check things out with edward snowedden in moscow. he did just to bring you up to date, he did receive a year asylum yesterday from vladimir putin, chuck schumer not happy about it. >> russia has stabbed us in the back and each day that snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist to the knife. >> bill: yes. edward snowden is out of the airport, free to live and work in russia. meanwhile, he's started a conversation in this country about the balance between national security and privacy. that conversation yesterday reached all the way to the white house. at least they have edward snowden there. [ ♪ theme ] >> bill: good morning, fri
colby in for martha maccallum here today. that appears to be good news, right? digging deeper into the report it was one of the only good signs. americans are seeing hours and pay drop. that is not all. rick: stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network.
." the influence on a presidency. next week, martha washington all the way to angelica van buren. >> next, members of a house panel question an irs official about taxes and subsidies in the healthcare law. acting iressa commissioner testifying along with gary: from the centers for medicare and medicaid services. the house ways and means committee hearing is just over three hours. good morning. the hearing will come to order. in testimony before this committee, secretary saville yes repeatedly told congress and the american people -- secretary sibelius said that it was "on track to meet the october deadline" for the new healthcare law, however the evidence is showing just the opposite is true. in june, the gao released two reports which raised serious questions about whether the center for medicare and medicaid services, cms, would be able to have federally run exchanges up and running by october 1, 2013 noting numerous reasons for their concerns. in late july, the treasury inspector general for tax administration stated testing for the exchanges would be difficult to complete before the october 1
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)